Bountiful Bad Ass Business Planning Retreat

The Bountiful Bad Ass Planning Retreat

December 8-9, 2018 – Garden City, SC

You’re an entrepreneur or business professional. The stress of your business or job can be overwhelming and exhausting. Hell, life is stressful. Most businesses begin their planning for the next year in the fall … and so should YOU! It’s the perfect time to reflect on the results of the year BEFORE the year ends and the new one begins. Ask yourself …

What has worked for you this personally and professionally?

What hasn’t worked?

What’s holding you back from success and happiness?

What can you do differently?

What will your bounty be in 2019?

Welcome to The Bountiful Bad Ass Business Retreat where you’ll have the time to unwind and answer these questions without the interruption of LIFE, surrounded by other amazing women like YOU. This is your time to take care of business … personally and/or professionally.

Most of you reading this know me (Gina Trimarco) personally and most likely are (or have been) a client. I’m marketing this to only a handful of bad ass women because there are only 6 spots for this special retreat.

If you’ve worked with me, you know that every fall I run a mastermind weekend to help women create their new year plans (because I lock you in a room for a weekend and make you do it! LOL!)

I’m doing it again AND it’s going to be different. My personal life journey has changed me. Now more than ever, I understand the need to take care of physical and mental health to succeed in life.

During this retreat, we’ll work on your business and personal goals with my new and improved planning guide AND we’ll also work on your mind, body and soul (which might be one of your goals anyway!)

What To Expect …

  • 2 full days to work on your business and personal goals for 2019
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • 2019 Planning Guide and planning sessions
  • “Get Off The Script” improv-based sales training session
  • Online group coaching (M.O.B.) in January & February to keep you accountable (value = $500)
  • Private time to journal, meditate, color, walk on the beach, sleep, drink, you decide
  • Group dinners and evening excursions (optional)
  • Fellowship and group support
  • Oceanside Village in Garden City, SC

We will work, play, relax and reflect!

REGISTER by October 31st to save $$$

What Our Clients Say …

Thank you for the wonderful retreat. It was great to get away from the life clutter and focus on my business. You helped bring clarity to some ideas and you were on point with questions, concerns and ideas. – Lisa Goucher Olinda, Olinda Services

I was lucky enough to attend and get Gina’s “Why” kickstart, which snapped my head back in the best way and got me pointed toward a successful future with my book project. If you didn’t get that chance, don’t miss this one. – Carolyn Murray

I hired Pivot 10 Results for business coaching. They have been integral in helping me to develop a business plan and to strategize about my business. They also introduced me to other business owners who have become an additional source of support and sales leads as I build my business. – Emily Crookston, Creative Director and CEO, The Pocket PhD

REGISTER by October 31st to save $$$