IMPROVe Your Business Series

IMPROVe Your Business Series

Having the agility to make decisions quickly in the moment can make all the difference in recruiting top talent and acquiring ideal clients before your competition beats you to it. And agility isn’t enough. Effective communications of expectations, core values and “what’s in it for them” for both your employees and customers will not only attract them to you; it will keep them with you.

Did you know that the best way to improve your company’s ability to pivot in the moment and overtly communicate can be improved through intentional practice? AND the best way to practice is to IMPROVISE. Yes, improvise as in improv comedy.

Improv comedians are trained to actively listen, intentionally observe behavior and collaborate to deliver a performance without a script. They are trained to be see failure as opportunity to create something better than originally intended. And as an added benefit, they improve their emotional intelligence (the ability to manage the emotions of others and themselves).  

What would it look like if you had these abilities in your business? 

Check out our IMPROVe Your Business Series, from our partner Carolina Improv Company, to learn how your business could improve and benefit from these skills.  We offer some public workshops as well as customize training sessions for companies.



Get Off The Sales Script:  Improvising to Improve Sales

Need to improve your sales game? Whether you’re a sales rep, CEO or entrepreneur, generating revenue for your business is what keeps you in business, right? Following a script or formula is not your only tool and sometimes could be an ineffective strategy. Being able to improvise in the moment and go off script is what creates authentic relationships that lead to more business without forcing the sale.

In this interactive session with Gina Trimarco of Carolina Improv Company & Pivot10 Results, you’ll learn ways to foster better relationships and meet your sales goals. And for those of you who are introverts, don’t let the thought of improv (comedy) scare you; this way might be better suited for you than you realize.

Session Outcomes:

  • Apply improv skills to improve active listening to hear needs, wants, fears and dreams
  • Use active listening to overcome sales objections
  • Create collaborative relationships based on rapport-building and trust
  • Adapt to uncomfortable situations (awkward silences and objections)
  • Overcome the fear of failure and getting off the “script”

Free Session On January 22

Monthly Practice & Breakfast on January 30

Catch & Keep Them:  Improvising to Improve Recruiting & Retention

Struggling to attract and KEEP great talent? It’s really not that hard if you are awesome at listening, observing, empathizing, storytelling and strategizing. Potential and existing employees want to know “what’s in it for me” beyond a pay check to meet their extrinsic AND intrinsic needs. AND If you’re struggling to keep them after you catch them, you may have bigger problems to solve than you realize!

In this interactive session with Gina Trimarco of Carolina Improv Company & Pivot10 Results, you’ll learn ways to market your organization’s value to candidates. in addition to strategies for building rapport and trust in interviews and ways to keep employees engaged as loyal fans to the company.

Session Outcomes:

  • Create a marketing message that attracts talent
  • Apply improv skills to improve active listening and empathy to hear needs, wants, fears and dreams
  • Demonstrate ways to improve conversation, observation and coaching skills
  • Prepare behavioral questions to not sound scripted
  • Develop a plan for employee development and engagement

Spontaneous Service: Improvising to Create FANtastic Customer Experiences

Need to improve the customer experience and create loyal fans? At bare minimum, you should WANT to do this? Chances are you haven’t had the time or money to invest in your team to ensure amazing delivery and recovery. Don’t leave this to chance and put your business at a competitive disadvantage. Step up your game by fostering a company culture that anticipates customer needs and ultimately over delivers!

In this interactive session with Gina Trimarco of Carolina Improv Company & Pivot10 Results, you’ll learn ways to create and heighten FANtastic Customer Experiences, in addition to recover from missteps in the delivery process.

Session Outcomes:

  • Apply improv skills to hear and understand customer needs and wants
  • Create a list of possible FANtastic Experiences
  • Adapt to uncomfortable and stressful situations (angry and disgruntled customers)
  • Practice thinking quickly to find and create solutions

Mastering The F Word As A Leader: Improvising to Improve Emotional Intelligence

If you’re not careful, you’ll catch emotions and FEELINGS – they’re contagious! To grow a healthy, productive and profitable organization, leaders need to know how to recognize, manage and control the feelings and emotions of others AND themselves. Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) expert found the top 10 to 15% of exceptional leaders were those with high EQs, mostly due to their social abilities, including networking and collaboration skills. A Gallup Organization study also revealed that employees who had managers with high EQ were four times less likely to leave their companies than those who had managers with low EQ. And while we were born with our IQs (intelligence quotient), we cannot change our IQs. Plus, a high IQ does not necessarily make you a great leader. We do have the ability to continuously improve our EQs. Leaders with high EQs create optimistic and motivating environments.

In this interactive session with Gina Trimarco of Carolina Improv Company & Pivot10 Results, you’ll learn the basics of emotional intelligence and how improv skills can help you improve your competencies in EQ key areas. This session teaches you how to improve your perception of emotions and how to combine EQ skills with improv to manage emotions and feelings.

Session Outcomes:

  • Recognize why emotional intelligence is important in the workplace
  • Apply improv to emotional intelligence skills
  • Create a plan for improving EQ in yourself and others

Heighten This: Improvising to Generate Ideas, Solve Problems & Innovate

Whether your team is trying to generate the next new idea, develop a new product innovation or solve a business challenge, the ability to collaborate and think critically and creatively is imperative. And this takes practice. More specifically, it requires you to exercise your brain. Applying improv skills, skills that you were born with, will help you and your team improve creativity, solve problems and disrupt the status quo in ways you didn’t expect.

In this interactive session with Gina Trimarco of Carolina Improv Company & Pivot10 Results, you’ll learn ways to collaborate and create, as a team.

Session Outcomes:

  • Apply improv skills to improve active listening and acceptance of ideas and suggestions
  • Practice collaboration by developing new concepts to test
  • Design a plan for practicing ideation