CEO “Pilot” Program

The CEO Pilot Program

What creates fiercely loyal employees and screaming loyal fans in your business?

You do!

FANtastic leadership is the cornerstone of success for businesses like Zappos, Virgin, Google, Southwest Airlines. How do you “get some of that” in your business?

First things first, ponder some of these questions:

  • How do you align your passion and purpose with the strategy and vision of your company?
  • Why should the best talent in the marketplace work for you?
  • What keeps your rockstars producing epic shit (yes, we said that)?
  • How do you create legacy business stories?
  • What kind of FANtastic experiences do you create to keep your customers coming back to you beyond their basic needs for you?
  • How do you sell your business based on the “feelings” people have about working for you?
  • How do you pivot to make quick decisions to make your company soar into blue skies instead of crash into murky waters?
  • How do you leverage your personality and skills to lead a team of talent to put maximum distance between you and your competitors?
  • How do you build your plane while flying it to build a culture during turbulence?

Yes, that’s a lot of questions and if you’re feeling like you need to reach for an oxygen mask, buckle up and keep reading … but don’t worry, it’s really not that bad.

If you thought of your company like an airplane taking flight to quickly accelerate to safely reach the ultimate destination by a certain time, you really should have a solid flight plan.

You’re the pilot of this “airplane”. It’s time to minimize turbulence with the right flight crew on board so that you navigate successfully, knowing you may need to pivot through other routes along the way. Starting with the end in mind, determine your company’s destiny.

And there’s so much more to consider! So many moving parts in your leadership role to engage and motivate your team to delight your customers and drive market share based on your rockin’ culture!

Are you ready to chart a course that takes you to new heights and keeps everyone around you from running to the nearest exit?

The CEO Pilot Program is for CEOs, COOs and VPs whose companies are …

  • Experiencing a high growth, in danger of imploding
  • Operating in a void of vision and lack of strategic direction
  • Struggling to attract (and retain) top talent
  • Running neck and neck with its competition
  • Positioning to sell or merge with/acquire other companies

You can’t just get into the cockpit and take control. There’s much more to mastering something so complex, so we’ve designed an intensive plan to transport you to your ultimate destination and elevate you to new heights!

Step 1 – Charting The Flight Plan: 2 Day Strategic Intensive

Sometimes unexpected accelerated growth or the merging of company cultures without a plan can lead to a highly turbulent environment without enough oxygen for everyone to breathe. Telling your team to brace for impact is just not enough. The foundation of an airplane is the fuselage (main cabin, cockpit and cargo). Without it, nothing else can be built up. In business your company culture is the fuselage. It consists of your mission, core values and vision. For your crew to get you and your passengers to your destination, everyone needs to be on board with your culture.

This 2-day immersion deep dives into your business to breathe new oxygen into your Strategic Operating System (S.O.S.), covering Culture, People, Processes, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales. More specifically, you will create guiding standards for:

  • Mission, Values & Vision – that will withstand the most turbulent air plus the tests of time, the economy and the marketplace
  • Attracting, promoting and developing all-star talent – that become your internal raving and loyal fans
  • Catapulting market share – to outpace your competitors
  • Pivoting and decision making through challenges with efficient and effective processes
  • Creating a FANtastic Customer Experience™ that creates loyal customers
  • Training leaders how to engage and inspire talent and a workforce to have the skills drive your S.O.S. while creating a “best place to work” atmosphere

Your “airplane” will continue to need maintenance to remain active in the fleet. This is where most businesses fail – failing to invest the time to carry strategic plans and training forward!

The CEO Pilot Program includes a sustainability plan to ensure your plane remains operational in flight:

Step 2 – Taking Flight – Accelerating The Plan

To guarantee that all of your crew members stay the course when air pockets jolt them, the pilot needs to deliver the S.O.S. for the co-pilots to carry forward to the rest of the crew so that they can pivot to new priorities.

In this part of the program, we will spend a day with your leadership team to set them up for all-star success as the company’s key stewards. This session includes a day of unveiling the S.O.S. and leadership training for organizational delivery.

Step 3 – Monthly Maintenance –  Ongoing Coaching & Consulting for 6 months

To continue plane maintenance and program sustainability, it’s essential to keep communication flowing to turn obstacles into opportunities as the S.O.S. will inevitably evolve. This personal development portion of the program will leverage the company’s best assets to run the S.O.S. and includes:

  • Biweekly calls with the CEO, COO or VP
  • Monthly group calls with leadership team members

Investment: $3,400 per month for 6 months

Without culture as your jet fuel, you’re at risk for crashing the plane and being responsible for fatalities.

Wouldn’t you rather fly high in clear skies!

Call us today to book your “flight” to your ultimate destination! 843-597-6393

What Our Clients Say …

I hired Pivot 10 Results for business coaching. They have been integral in helping me to develop a business plan and to strategize about my business. They also introduced me to other business owners who have become an additional source of support and sales leads as I build my business.

-Emily Crookston, Creative Director and CEO, The Pocket PhD

 I could go on all day long about the positive impact Gina and her Pivot 10 Results team have had on my business, my approach to my business, and how I handle every relationship in my life. The “pivot” is a necessary tool that can be used in almost every situation. It is difficult to describe in a few words how powerful the training is that is offered by this company.

–Rachel Tipton, Fitness Expert, Ultrafit Lifestyle