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Episode 20: The Pivotal Leader – Paul Jarrett

Gina Trimarco had a lively conversation with Paul Jarrett, CEO of Bulu Box, a “discovery e-commerce” product. Bulu Box is a pioneer in their industry; Paul started out in the ad agency world (think “Mad Men”) and is a pioneer in the subscription box industry; one of the first in a market of 5,000+ subscription boxes. Subscription boxes have grown 3000% since 2012. You might be surprised by what he inspired him to enter this industry!

One of Paul’s core values is “Fire the assholes” – a key learning from his time in the ad world. Even more pivotal is his perspective on how to retroactively change a negative company culture. Hint: It starts with you, the leader.

“If you want to change the culture, it starts with self-awareness.”  Paul Jarrett, CEO, Bulu Box

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Podcast Topics Include:

  • The fast growth of the subscription box industry
  • The importance of data acquisition to scale businesses
  • What causes negative company cultures
  • How to retroactively build a better company culture
  • The danger of perfectionism in business
  • Having an “Athletic Recruiting” mentality for talent acquisition
  • Managing frustrations with “The One-On-One Vent Session”

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