IMPROV(e) Your Business™


Having the agility to make decisions quickly in the moment can make all the difference in recruiting top talent and acquiring ideal clients before your competition beats you to it. And agility isn’t enough. Effective communications of expectations, core values and “what’s in it for them” for both your employees and customers will not only attract them to you; it will keep them with you.

Did you know that the best way to improve your company’s ability to pivot in the moment and overtly communicate can be improved through intentional practice?

AND the best way to practice is to IMPROVISE … YES, improvise as in improv comedy!

Improv comedians are trained to actively listen, intentionally observe behavior and collaborate to deliver a performance without a script. They are trained to be see failure as opportunity to create something better than originally intended. And as an added benefit, they improve their emotional intelligence (the ability to manage the emotions of others and themselves).

Check out our IMPROV(e) Your Business™ Series, to learn how your business could improve and benefit from these skills.

If you want to maximize, you need to improvise!


Problem Solved© – The Game

Problem Solved© – The Game Welcome to the game that will get your team thinking outside of the card box...
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Spontaneous Selling 1.0 Online Sales Training©

(COMING SOON) This online sales training program will help you get off the script, out of your head and on...
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Spontaneous Selling© Certification

Certified Train-The-Trainer – this certification program offers “training in a box” content, train-the-trainer instruction by Gina Trimarco, support and inclusion...
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Market This: Improv For StorySelling & Content Marketing©

Whether your team is trying to generate the next new idea, develop a creative marketing content or solve a business...
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solve This 

Solve This: Improv For Solving Problems & Resolving Conflict©

Resolving conflict is not sexy, it’s not fun and it’s necessary to keep your team happy, productive and profitable. It...
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Mastering The F Word: Improv For Emotional Intelligence©

If you’re not careful, you’ll catch emotions and FEELINGS – they’re contagious! To grow a healthy, productive and profitable organization,...
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Spontaneous Service 

Spontaneous Service: Creating FANtastic Customer Experiences©

Need to improve the customer experience and create loyal fans? At bare minimum, you should WANT to do this? Chances...
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Get off the sales script 

Get Off The Script: Improvising To Improve Sales©

Need to improve your sales game? Whether you’re a sales rep, CEO or entrepreneur, generating revenue for your business is...
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Catch and Keep 

Catch & Keep Them: Improv For Recruiting & Retention©

Struggling to attract and KEEP great talent? It’s not that hard if you are awesome at listening, observing, empathizing, storytelling...
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Sell Like A Child©

Most everyone can relate to a child. And who better to buy from than a cute kid? They’re simply the...
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Happiness Hour 

Happiness Hour (Team Building)©

Your team hates forced team building events!!! We all know they’d rather be at happy hour (we’ve been told this...
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