Our Approach


Through the years we’ve learned that company leaders lose sleep over two core areas – profit and performance, driving revenue while maintaining optimal productivity. At the core of both of these areas is culture growth and nurturing.

Let’s be real – very few leaders wake up in the middle of the night and say “If only our culture was better”. This is not to say they don’t want it or recognize the need for it. But first things first – how do you grow business and revenue? Without sales, a culture becomes non-existent.

We recognize that improving sales skills has to be at the top of the list of priorities, especially since it’s easier to measure the ROI on sales training than “team building”.


Our initial approach is to help your sales people “be human again”. Yes, more human. Getting them off the script and playbook and getting them to come out from behind their technology devices and in front of customers’ faces. We’re successful at this because our facilitators and trainers have been trained in human relations skills, specifically the same skills Carolina Improv Company performers use to engage an audience quickly, in the moment without a “playbook”. Carolina Improv Company is our parent company that gave birth to us.


Once we see some success in improving your bottom line, we might suggest other opportunities for performance and culture improvement, based on our observations from working with your team. And if we don’t see sales results, we will most likely recommend a team and leadership program. Bottom line is that we’re committed to YOUR bottom line and we stay invested in your success. In the world of improv, our number one job is to make the people on stage with us look good.


Enjoy your EBITA!

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