Team & Leadership Engagement


If we had a dime for every time we heard “Our team isn’t engaged” or “They just won’t take any initiative even though we empower them” we’d be having cocktails on the Amalfi Coast 365/24/7 and you wouldn’t be reading this. And then when we talk to the employees we hear “We don’t know what we’re empowered to do.” 90% of the time “empowerment” to employees means “How much are we allowed to spend FINANCIALLY to keep the customers happy?” Just this description alone is a communications issue. See how all of these pillars overlap.

And “Team Engagement” isn’t just about Communications, Employee of the Month and holiday pay. Engagement begins back in our Culture Curation phase with your mission and vision. From there your mission, vision and values are communicated to the team from the level up messengers. Heck, engagement REALLY begins in the recruitment process. There are a lot of moving parts that require quick pivoting for this piece to be hugely successful.

In our Team Engagement Training Programs we tackle:

  • Leadership
  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Retention Strategies

Frankly, we waivered on where to put out Leadership piece – under Culture Curation or Team Engagement? Often times, leaders need some engaging too. Some also struggle with HOW to be leaders, especially if thrown into the role. Think about it. Sometimes we can look at someone and say “She’s a great leader” but take it for granted that she needs to hone those skills to be a stronger and more credible leader. Again, it comes down to the “pivot” – you need to quickly shift gears to reinforce all four pillars at the same time.

Team & Leadership Engagement Programs:

Build The Team So They Will Stay: Recruiting to Get The Right Fit
Build The Team So They Will Stay: Recruit, Train, Retain
Leadership Series – Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk: Another big challenge we encounter in training and development is the perception of “lack of leadership” and the overwhelm of: “I’m just too busy to lead” many leaders face. Leadership is not just a title. Leaders need to be able to create environments and cultures of respect, trust, vision and organizational values to motivate strong employee performance that transcends to customers. Some of our custom programs include:

  • Leading vs Managing (Super Hero Leadership)
  • Leading By Learning To Follow (Follow The Follower)
  • Empowerment: Leaders Make Others Look Good (Rockstar Leadership)
  • Leaders Who Use The F Word: Leading through Feelings & Empathy To Build Trust & Credibility