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Episode 41: The Pivotal Leader with Alex Moen, CEO, The Loaded Vault

In this episode of The Pivotal Leader Gina Trimarco interviewed Alex Moen, San Diego California native and lifelong entrepreneur. Alex has had multiple Fortune100 corporate partners in his career, gone from zero to 30 employees in less than 3 months, and has run businesses with home offices in multiple states AND countries. The companies being both online and offline in nature.  Currently he is running two subscription box, automated online businesses, which include and (men’s fashion accessories).

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Podcast Topics Include:

  • Being a serial start up business entrepreneur
  • The Subscription Box business model and industry
  • Finding employees with the “right” attitudes versus the “right” resumes
  • How to avoid a mass employee exodus during fast growth
  • Employee handbooks with core values that don’t match reality
  • The Half Ass, Quarter Ass Theory
  • Getting to know your employees personally while separating personal from business
  • Choosing natural and organic growth over fast growth
  • The three types of mentors that every leader needs
  • Best conference for CEOs to attend for networking: CEO Space

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