Spontaneous Selling 1.0 Online Sales Training©

Project Description


This online sales training program will help you get off the script, out of your head and on your feet so that you can gain trust and quickly connect with your prospects.

Training modules include:

Module 1: The “Yes And” Mindset to Selling

  • Video 1: The Meaning of “Yes, And” & How It’s Used In Improv Shows
  • Video 2: Applying Improv In Business
  • Video 3: Yes And Demonstration & Ways To Use It In Sales

Module 2: See All Sales. Hear All Sales. Do No Speaking.

  • Video 1: Paying Attention With Your Eyes
  • Video 2: Paying Attention With Your Ears
  • Video 3: Shutting Up To Get The Sale

Module 3: Rockstar Treatment

  • Video 1: Making Others Look Good Philosophy
  • Video 2: Ways To NOT Make Others Look & Lose Business
  • Video 3: Ways To Make Others Look & Earn Trust

Module 4: Turning No Into Oh!!!

  • Video 1: What A Sales Objection REALLY Is
  • Video 2: Applying “Yes And” To Eliminate The “No, But”
  • Video 3: Getting Creative To Get The Sale. Problem Solved!

Module 5: Surrounding Yourself With Other Spontaneous Selling Stars

  • Video 1: You’re Only As Good As The Company You Keep As Long As It’s Good Company – Invitation to Facebook group

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