sales coaching


Spontaneous Selling 1.0 Online Sales Training©

Spontaneous Selling 1.0: How To Create Engaging Sales Conversations In The Moment Do you get tongue tied in the sales conversation or struggle to get...
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Spontaneous Selling© Certification

Certified Train-The-Trainer – this certification program offers “training in a box” content, train-the-trainer instruction by Gina Trimarco, support and inclusion in a referral program as...
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Get off the sales script 

Get Off The Script: Improvising To Improve Sales©

Need to improve your sales game? Whether you’re a sales rep, CEO or entrepreneur, generating revenue for your business is what keeps you in business,...
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Sell Like A Child©

Most everyone can relate to a child. And who better to buy from than a cute kid? They’re simply the best sales people. It’s difficult...
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