Rapid Rapport Selling

Rapid Rapport Sales Training & Coaching Program

We have designed this program as a three-month training and coaching program to ensure sustainability and return on investment. In essence we will work as an interim sales director or support for an existing sales director.

Sales Shadowing – 1 to 2 days

We shadow your inside and/or outside sales team for one day to learn your business and the selling styles of your team. Our goal is to create rapport with your team and learn their strengths, weaknesses, challenges and suggestions for success. Based on our time with them we will customize training and coaching to fit them and your organization.

Professional & Personal Goal Setting

Employees need to know “what’s in it for them” beyond a pay check. In addition to their desire to impact the business and be recognized, they also have personal goals. Caring about their professional and personal goals combined will continue to grow your organization as a top company to work for.

We will meet with each employee, after meeting with the CEO and/or Sales Director, to review their sales goals and set personal goals to ensure harmony between business and personal goals.

In addition, we will meet with management to establish sales goals and action plans for each rep on an ongoing basis for the three-month period.

Monthly Live Training

Each month we will come into your office to do training that is interactive and engaging for approximately three (3) hours.

Sample Training Sessions include:

  • Hear Them Now – how to have engaging communication skills to hear what clients are saying AND not saying … AND to know when to be quiet! Areas we will cover are active, in the moment listening to exactly what clients say they need as well as listening for tone, emotion and cadence of voice. All these nuances have meaning. In addition, listening for background noise to learn more about a client’s personality in order to create rapport. Remember, money is usually made in the (your) silence.
  • Curiosity to Commonality – how to find common ground and create rapport through curious questioning. Showing interest in a client by asking the right professional (and personal) questions creates trust and relationships that increase sales. We will also develop specific questions for each rep based on their territories and geography to have at the ready.
  • Social Selling – how to build better relationships “behind the scenes” and up close and personal too. We will focus on creating social media strategies that make the most sense for learning from and connecting with clients. This will include revising personal LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, connecting with clients and determining other social media platforms that clients are most connected with. This will elevate the “curiosity to commonality” content taught in the previous training session. Prospecting on LinkedIn and InMail. Get everyone up to speed on prospecting techniques and opportunities. Live searches and activities. Presented by Shawn Karol Sandy.

Ongoing Coaching Program

  • Monthly Virtual Group Calls – these calls will celebrate wins and discuss challenges that come up on calls. Led by Gina Trimarco of Pivot10 Results to facilitate discussion and provide mentoring. Other P10 members may be included to provide additional mentoring and support based on their expertise.
  • Private Bi-Weekly Calls – these calls will be scheduled for each rep with Gina Trimarco to review and discuss personal and sales goals, in addition to mentoring and coaching through challenges they may be experiencing. Ongoing action plans will be established to move reps towards their goals.

Management Updates

We will design a reporting process that works for management to keep them updated on progress, action plans and areas that need improvement for the group and for each individual.

Investment: $5,900 per month for 3 months

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What Our Clients Say …

I hired Pivot 10 Results for business coaching. They have been integral in helping me to develop a business plan and to strategize about my business. They also introduced me to other business owners who have become an additional source of support and sales leads as I build my business.

-Emily Crookston, Creative Director and CEO, The Pocket PhD

 I could go on all day long about the positive impact Gina and her Pivot 10 Results team have had on my business, my approach to my business, and how I handle every relationship in my life. The “pivot” is a necessary tool that can be used in almost every situation. It is difficult to describe in a few words how powerful the training is that is offered by this company.

–Rachel Tipton, Fitness Expert, Ultrafit Lifestyle