For an engaging, energetic and educational speaker for your company conference, event, product launches and more, Gina Trimarco will capture your audience … and eventually set them free (don’t worry)!

Culture Curation:

  • Build The Culture & They Will Come
  • Mastering Communication Frustration
  • Adapt & Evolve To Change & Grow

Team & Leadership Engagement:

  • Upleveling From Manager Behavior To CEO Mindset
  • Build The Team So They Will Stay: Recruiting to Get The Right Fit
  • Build The Team So They Will Stay: Recruit, Train, Retain
  • Leadership Series – Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk:

-Leading vs Managing (Super Hero Leadership)
-Leading By Learning To Follow (Follow The Follower)
-Empowerment: Leaders Make Others Look Good (Rockstar Leadership)
-Leaders Who Use The F Word: Leading through Feelings & Empathy To Build Trust & Credibility

Sales Story & Strategy

  • From Mission Statement to Marketing Message
  • Ask For What You’re Worth
  • Shut Up & Make Money
  • Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working & How To Fix It
  • Objections = Opportunities: Getting To Yes In Business
  • Friends With Benefits: Building Relationships That Generate Sales
  • Rinse, Repeat & Refer: Your Best “New” Customers Are Your Existing Customers
  • Pipeline Prospecting: Where & How To Find New Business

FANtastic Customer Experience™

  • FANtastic Customer Experience™ 101: The Basics
  • Spontaneous Diffusion & Recovery: Handling Difficult Situations
  • FANtastic Customer Experience™: Create Your Unique Standards
  • Creating Experiences through Engagement & Entertainment

Keynote Testimonial:

Gina was a dynamic keynote speaker at our annual summit in 2015. She over delivered, was a powerhouse speaker and our attendees asked us to bring her back again! I have no doubts that Gina will provide an awesome session for you and your attendees.

Gina and her organization are terrific to work with in planning, scheduling and followup after the event.

Some of the comments on her session:

Knock out performance!

Definitely kept my attention and provided useful content and delivered it in a fun and very interactive way.helpful, informative and engaging.

Gina was incredibly entertaining and took us out of our comfort zone and brought us back feeling like it was the best roller-coaster ride ever!

Grace White, IVAA Events Director

Gina’s real world experiences, paired with her quick wit and honesty, serve as a great platform for her messages. She understands the importance of connecting with her audience and sharing strategies that all for all staffing administration levels to find useful. Everyone is a leader in some fashion and Gina stresses the important of accepting that role with enthusiasm! Our conference attendees walked away from Gina’s keynote address energized, as she ended her presentation by sharing one of her most popular improvisation games, “Yes and…”. Thank you Gina for making the trip to Maine!

Nicole Welch, Maine Recreation & Parks Association (MRPA)